Monday, November 3, 2008

Easy corn bread

I love the Jiffy mixes. In their sweet little boxes, and priced so great too - an added bonus in these questionable economic times. One of our caterings this past weekend had cornbread on the menu - so as my hubby was loading everything up and all I could smell was the cornbread he had made for that meal! So this morning, I made my own - though not as gourmet as his - certainly yummy!

Mexi Corn, Corn Bread
2 boxes Jiffy corn bread mix
1 can Mexi corn

1 - mix the corn bread according to the directions on the package
2 - add in Mexi corn and mix thoroughly
3 - cook according to the package directions, you may have to add 5-10 more minutes to the cooking time depending on what dish you cook this in (I used one of my cast iron skillets to cook this and had to add about 9 more minutes to the cook time)
4 - serve warm with butter and honey

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