Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'll show you mine

if you show me yours...

Oh get your mind out of the gutter - I'm talking about your pantry!

I'm always curious what other people's pantries look like. In the dream home of my future not only will I have a FULL walk-in pantry, but I'll also have a butler's pantry for all my platters, bowls and the like. Here's what mine looks like on a regular basis...


  1. I'd have a field day organizing the shelves. I'm the one you see putting the stuff where it belongs on the Walmart shelf and no I don't even work there.
    It looks like you have 3 pull outs. First, empty all shelves and throw out anything past it's date. Using 2 bottom pull outs, organize all of the cans in long rows of like things. Put the things you use the most in front. Leave a little space between where a new similar item begins so you can read the labels.
    Top drawer, take small things and organize them, ie jello, pudding, baking ingredients. Bottom shelf, organize all of your bottles and jars. Make rows with like things together and the taller stuff to the back, ie condiments, asian, salad dresings. Top shelf, cereal, snacks and tall items. Basically, anything that is light so if it falls on someones head they won't get hurt. It'll save you money to organize cause you'll know what you have. May even inspire you, too!

  2. So the type A personality in me is trying not to take offense to the above comment on the state of my pantry. Uh - yeah, it IS organized in a freakishly organized fashion. And as if I'd even HAVE anything in my pantry that's past it's date - yuck. Thanks Janice, all the same - but you have no idea who you're talking to in regards to how organized my house is! But thanks for reading - I'll have to go over and check out your blog now.

  3. Oh, don't take offense. I watched tons of organizational shows and began reworking my kitchen. I was at a family members house once and I saw she kept buying plastic utensils cause she had them in 3 places. I put them all together so she wouldn't buy more cause her cup was runneth over. Another time, the girl who cleans for watch as I reorganized closets and cabinets and she came back a week later and said she did the same thing. The following week when she came, she told me her Mom did the same thing as did a sister-in-law, throwing away stuff and decluttering. Add an after shot, it really rubs off on people (in a good way). When it comes to paper and old clothes though, I am burried!