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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Another taco post

Sorry if I'm driving you readers nuts with my taco posts, but they're just so yummy and fast to make!

January 2015 was the great taco meat showdown. Pre-packaged taco seasoning is pretty scary if you actually take the time to read the ingredients. So many words that you can’t pronounce. So I’ve been testing out various recipes for homemade taco seasoning. Some have been tasty, some have been lacking in flavor. Here are pictures of two of my tests. We did eat both batches, but neither one of them is worth posting the recipe as they weren’t 100% what I was looking for.

So this obviously was done before I discovered the taco seasoning mix that I wrote about on January 24th. So feel free to go back there for the recipe! It's delish - I promise.

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