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Friday, January 29, 2016

Lazy Mom's Dinner

Well readers - in a few short days I have given you the synopsis of December 2014. Here we find ourselves a year ago at January 2015! I'm feeling quite proud that I'm actually getting writing time in AND getting this up on the blog! I printed myself a blog planner and everything... 

It takes so much work getting food on the table these days, that some nights I just throw in the towel  and make baked potatoes.

If I’m feeling crazy tired I’ll throw them in the microwave. I know, they don’t get a crispy outside, but that’s okay for an occasional fast dinner. I eat mine with Earth Balance spread and Daiya shreds. 

Sadly the store was out of vegan sour cream that week, so no tasty topping for me tonight. The hubs and kid had sour cream and real cheese on theirs. I’m slowly shifting them over from butter to Earth Balance. The kid is happy making life easier on me, the hubs has to be dragged kicking and screaming into my dairy free world.

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