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Friday, January 22, 2016

My love of granola continues

Another favorite food item that I’ve been getting back into the habit of making is granola.

It’s amazing just how many store bought products are made with or processed on shared equipment with tree nuts and milk. Makes you shake your head and boy am I sick of reading labels, but alas that is now an everyday part of my shopping experience, and I mean every day. Just because a product was safe the last time you purchased it does not mean that it will continue to be safe the next time you go shopping. You always have to read. What’s even more annoying is that manufacturers don’t have to list all allergens. Only some of them must be listed. The others are considered “optional”!

For this batch of granola I used my old stand by recipe. Click HEREfor the recipe. The only thing I ever change up are the dried fruit add ons, which are added after the granola has finished cooking.

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