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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Broccoli, as in Salad

I’d forgotten about this broccoli salad recipe until I started digging through my old recipes looking for ones that I can tweak into a dairy free/nut free existence. This one I did a tiny tweak, swapped out the nuts for sunflower seeds. This is one of my favorite recipes, and it tastes better the day after you make it. So if you can, make it a day in advance. Happy bonus, it’s great to take on camping trips. 

I have discovered a great source for seeds - a company called Gerb. I purchase their products through Amazon, yes I know I'm a Prime junkie. Their products are free of the 11 major allergens. It's so hard to find things that have not been processed on shared equipment with tree nuts that I'm over the top happy to discover these folks! I buy their raw pumpkin seeds and raw sunflower seeds. I buy raw & unsalted so I can season them to my liking. Yummm!


2 oz pimento (optional)
2 bunches broccoli, cut into bite size pieces
4 strips cooked bacon, crumbled into pieces
1/4c pumpkin seeds (raw or roasted)
1/2c raisins
1/2c red onion, diced

1c mayonnaise
3 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp rice wine vinegar
salt & pepper to taste 

Place broccoli, pimento, bacon, pumpkin seeds, raisin & onion in a large bowl. Whisk dressing ingredients together until smooth. Pour over veggies. Let rest in fridge for an hour, but can be eaten immediately if you can't wait.

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