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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Two New Cookbooks

Two more cookbooks arrived today. Did you know Amazon sells used books in addition to new? If you’re shopping on a computer vs a tablet or smart phone, and you’re looking at the list of used books for sale, you’ll see where they’re shipping from!

You’ll also see what used books are sold by Amazon and eligible for Amazon Prime shipping. You can then compare that price, with a regular used book (which ships for $3.99/book) and see which is a better price, or will get to you fastest. If I can only find the used copy from a seller on the other side of the country, I’ll certainly jump on the chance for an Amazon sold book. 

If I have options for books sold from my side of the country I’ll purchase from CA (obviously), Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. All three of these will get to me in less than a week! I’ve already been looking though these, and can’t wait to start cooking. 

If you look closely at the copy of Allergy-Free Cookbook, you’ll see all the page markers I’ve put in place for recipes I want to try. If I decide to actually cook a recipe, I’ll move the marker over onto the side of the page. Once it’s cooked, the marker goes away, and I make notations in the index. If it’s a good recipe I’ll high light the recipe, if it tanked it gets blacked out with a sharpie!

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