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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fast School Night Tacos

Tuesday nights are fairly crazed in our house. Immediately after school the kid went to her riding lesson – flash forward to us arriving home at 5:15pm and that means I don’t have much time to get dinner together. Typically this means I’m reheating something that I’ve cooked in advance – and more often than not that’s tacos. 

One of these days I'll post up the recipe for the best ever taco seasoning!

But some nights instead of ground turkey with taco seasoning, I get creative and chop up left over chicken and sautee it with a can of chili Verde sauce. After sauteeing up the chicken, chop lettuce, olives, tomato, etc. Serve with small soft flour tortillas. If you're feeling inclined, you can even heat up a can of refried beans to use as the base of your soft taco - just be sure to dice up some white onion to add to the beans while they're heating up. I promise you wont be sorry.

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