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Monday, September 5, 2016

Last week

This happened... Yep, take one false step and I have a superbly ruptured  Achilles Tendon. So I'm now couch bound, off my feet for two solid weeks until I get the cast on.

The lovely item you see encasing my leg is actually a plaster cast, which has to be worn until the swelling goes down. The splint has been on since Thursday, and it doesn't feel like anything is happening. Big thanks to my mom for sending me two giant ice packs via Amazon. And apparently the critters all know I'm injured - the three of them have been sitting on me since the split went on - and I mean that literally, sitting on me. Guess it's their way of soothing the alpha.

When I go back in to get the cast put on I will find out if the two weeks in the splint count towards the 6-10 weeks I will have to be in a cast. Gahhhhh - you don't realize how mobile you normally are until you can't do anything.

The poor kiddo has had more responsibility shoved on her this last week. She's starting to show signs of stress so I'm currently sitting here listening to the Angry Birds movie on Amazon, so she can have a treat on her day off from school.

Since I'm bored out of my gourd - and only have small moments of feeling motivated to do anything, feel free to drop me a line if you have any cooking questions. You have a captive audience for the time being! Here's to speedy healing!!!

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