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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Quest for Vegan Parmesan

Some weekends I try really hard to get my “mom” act together and make batches of foods that can go into the freezer for a fast thaw on a busy school night. My go-to tends to be large batches of cooked up ground turkey. You can flavor it so many different ways – as taco meat, with fennel for breakfast sausage flavored chunks, with plain old salt & pepper to add into spaghetti sauce.

For a fast dinner, put on a giant pot of water to boil and pull out a package of pasta –any kind, this night I happened to use wagon wheels. Next open your favorite jar of store bought spaghetti sauce. I enjoy adding a large splash (or 2) of red wine to give it a “homier” feel. Thaw out some ready cooked ground turkey. Mix that into the spaghetti sauce. 

Once your pasta is done cooking, al dente is the only correct way to cook pasta if you’re Italian, drain it off, put it back in the pot and drizzle with a little olive oil to keep it from sticking. No, I do not salt my pasta water, and no never put oil in the water to keep the pasta from sticking because it won’t help.

Dish out your pasta, ladle on a nice serving of meat sauce and top with your favorite cheese. For me it’s vegan Parmesan.

If only I could get the stores in town to carry Follow Your Heart’s Parmesan shreds I’d be in heaven. Hear me Whole Foods? I’m talking to you! Quit saying you can’t get it when you’ve already carried it at your store…

I haven't received any compensation for this post - but Follow Your Heart, if you could show some love and get this product back on the shelves in my town I'd forever be a fan.

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