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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Colander Problems

Hi friend! Have you found yourself looking at your kitchen and wondering how you get to a certain point with the items you’re collecting? Do you wonder if you’ve got the right equipment for what you’re doing? Is your kitchen equipment taking up too much space? Should you downsize? Do you have too many of one thing?

In an earlier post I explained that I am a product of my environment in that I grew up in a household that cooked (both parents). Well as it turns out I also suffer from the same kitchen ailments that my mother does.

We have a colander problem.  Hello my name is Heather & I have a colander problem. 

Anyone else suffer from this same affliction? One of my friends has been doing one of those big purges – if it doesn’t bring you joy or is used regularly ditch it kind of thing. I can’t even think about this because each one has a different purpose and use!

However I did just find that I had at least one too many. Last night I went to drain some corn and the colander I used wouldn’t drain. Not one bit – dumped the corn in and rinsed it with cold water, and it sat there all soppy and wet. I could practically feel the corn mocking me and my colander.  Needless to say I had the last laugh – that colander is now in my TO DONATE pile. Take that.

So don’t be afraid, if you think you have just too many of one thing to re-evaluate what’s in your kitchen. An occasional once over to check in with yourself and see if you really DO need all the colanders, spoons, potato peelers, mixing bowls, you name it.

Purging can be good, and if you get rid of enough, just think how easy it will be to find what you’re looking for while you’re cooking!

So I leave you with that and hope you’re having a great day. Happy cooking!

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